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Each step of folding the American flag has meaning behind it. Click below to see how each fold pays respect to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for the United States.


The First

A symbol of life.

The Second

Belief in eternal life.

The Third

A dedication in honor and remembrance of veterans.

The Fourth

Faith and trust in God through times of peace and times of war.

The Fifth

A tribute to the United States of America.

The Sixth

The patriotic symbol of where the heart of an American citizen lies.

The Seventh

A tribute to the U.S. Armed forces, serving domestically and abroad.

The Eighth

An honor to the one who braved the valley of the shadow of death so that we may see the light of day.

The Ninth

A symbol of the undying faith, love and loyalty of women.

The Tenth

A symbol of praise for the Father who gave his sons and daughters to defend.

The Eleventh

In the eyes of Hebrew citizens, a symbol of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The Twelfth

In the eyes of Christian citizens, an emblem of eternity and God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

The Thirteenth

A symbol of the United States national motto: "In God We Trust."

The folds of the flag are a reminder of the men and women who honorably served the United States of America. See three veterans honor one of their sons who did just that in Last Flag Flying.

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